Harvey Homes Property Management
Collection of Rent
    Rent is due on the 1st of each month and is personally collected by me or by a method that is preferable by the property owner. I deposit the funds into a trust account and write a check to the property owner for the rent and a check to Harvey Homes for the management fee.

Record Keeping & Accounting
Upon request, I can set up a personal web page (password protected) for the property owners to view the records (and any other property details as well) if preferred. At the end of the year, a complete summary of all transactions can be provided upon request as well. In addition, I can keep copies of receipts, transactions and work orders on file upon request.

Management Fees
My monthly management fee is paid once the rent payment is received. I charge a 9% monthly management fee that is charged only when your property is tenant occupied. Multiple property discounts are available.  My leasing fee is $350 and for this I include the following: Professional sign, brochure box, flyers, advertising in select locations, all necessary leasing and qualifying paperwork and property showings. Walkthroughs can be requested at no charge but it is the property owner's responsibility to handle deposits and their return. I charge an additional $500 to turn a property. I do not charge a monthly minimum.

I will place professional signs at the property with flyers and rental applications. Additional rental applications will also be available at my website for the prospective clients to fill out. The property will also be advertised on my website as well as certain online sites as well.  At the property owner's expense and request, newspaper ads can be run in the North County Times (or San Diego Union Tribune if that is a preference).

Leasing to prospective tenants
In order to attract top quality tenants, tenant screening and credit investigations will be performed. All applicants are required to complete a rental application (1 for each applying tenant over 18) and I will run a credit check on all prospective tenants. In addition, the rental application will provide employment and income history, along with rental history.

As a courtesy I will perform a move-in inspection (along with a move out inspection) with the tenant using a form provided by the California Association of Realtors. The property owner is encouraged to accompany me through these inspections as they are ultimately responsible for the return of the deposit. Upon the request of the property owner, pictures will be taken of the property prior to the tenant moving in. The same process can be repeated upon the moving out of the tenant.

Security Deposits
Security deposits are collected upon completion of the lease agreement. The actual amount of the deposit is dependant upon the amount of the monthly rental rate and credit history of the tenant. If the property owner allows pets, an additional pet deposit will be required of the tenant. Deposits will be transferred to and held by the property owner.

Property Inspections
I will make frequent drive-by inspections of your property. If the property owner specifies, I can make preventive maintenance inspections of the inside of the property. This type of inspection will have to be specified in the lease agreement. It will state that the I have the right to make announced inspections. Tenants will be notified in writing of the inspection. I will compare the current condition to the move-in form and note any discrepancies. If the property is in good form, the tenant will be notified and thanked in their efforts to maintain the property.

Repairs and Maintenance Services
If the property requires any repairs or maintenance, the services will be performed by outside vendors. The vendor will be chosen based on a combination of their pricing and level of service (along with a requirement that they be licensed and/or bonded when the situation applies). The property owner is always welcome to provide me with their preferred vendors of choice. Either the property owner or I can schedule the repairs, depending upon the property owners wishes.  The property owners approval is always necessary before any repairs are made unless otherwise agreed upon.

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