Looking to buy a home? 
Here is what Harvey Homes can do for you.
  • I am the Broker and owner of the company. This means that you get to work directly with the Broker. I can offer what I feel is best for the client and not what management thinks is best for the company.

  • I work for you at no cost to you. I will send you listings, show you properties and take you through the escrow process from start to finish. You can sit back, relax, and let me help make buying a home a great experience! 

  • Quality over Quantity. With Harvey Homes, I have done away with sales quotas. Working for other  brokerages, I became tired of high pressure sales meetings to meet corporate goals. Clients were often looked upon as "dollar signs" and "referral potential". You can be assured that I am more interested in the quality of my work than the quanitity of my work. In fact I generally keep my client base lower than most so I can give individualize attention to each client.

  • There are no gimmicky promises. Many Realtors advertise that they sell "x" amount of homes in given time periods. What this is really saying is that they are busy, probably too busy to represent you.  I will personally and professionally handle your transaction from the very beginning to the very end. You will never be handed off to anyone. That is a promise with no gimmicks attached.