• When selling your home one of the most important questions is how much it will cost you. I have made it easy to stay focused on what is really important, selling your home, by setting my total commission rates at 4%Time is money  and from the very beginning, I am aware of that and do my best to maximize your profit. This low rate is not a discounted service. It is my way of passing the savings I receive from being a Broker and having low overhead, back to my clients. 

  •  Harvey Homes also understands that while we are willing to accept a lower commission other Realtors simply couldn't stay in business doing this. Because of this we always offer a               standard commission (2.5%) to an agent who brings us a buyer. We keep 1.5% out of our commission and make sure the buyer's agent is compensated fairly with the remaining 2.5%. It is our goal to make your home as attractive as possible and the last thing we would want is for other Realtors not to show it.

  • I am the Broker and owner of the company. 

  • Quality over Quantity. With Harvey Homes, I have done away with sales quotas. Working for other  brokerages, I became tired of high pressure sales meetings to meet corporate goals. Clients were often looked upon as "dollar signs" and "referral potential". You can be assured that I am more interested in the quality of my work than the quanitity of my work. In fact I generally keep my client base lower than most so I can give individualize attention to each client.

  • Education & Experience. I decided to upgrade from a Salesperson license to a Brokers license several years ago. To receive my Brokers license I attended several classes and took the Broker's state exam. I also attended CSUSM and received a Bachelor's degree in 2002 in Business. The one thing I believe my education shows is my determination. I apply the same determination to my work and you can be assured of exceptional quality. I have been working in the real estate industry for over 13 years.

  • There are no gimmicky promises. Many Realtors advertise that they sell "x" amount of homes in given time periods. What this is really saying is that they are busy, probably too busy to personally represent you.  I will personally and professionally handle your transaction from the very beginning to the very end. You will never be handed off to anyone. That is a promise with no gimmicks attached.

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